When words cultivate in farms

On July 17, Initating the bright Sunday morning with a literary collusion , three of the JBL members attended a rendezvous session with a Poet, Storyteller and a Sahityakar; a writer who express through native language of Rajasthan, also connected to the soul of humanity Mr. Ramswaroop Kisan. Kisan is not his last name but profession.

The session was organized by Prabha-Khaitan foundation, during which he recited some of his poems related with day-to-day life of a common villager, how the simplest of things can withhold value and social issue faced by the students.

The coordinator in conversation with Mr. Kisan revised the fact of how critisism for degrading the languages has knocked the door; The reply opened the gates stating, the language is a spool of fabric. In order to make clothes out of it one has to undergo the process of cutting and stitching. While in conversation, he also emphasised on digging different forms of literature and self awareness with respect to changing times.

Upon being asked about the balance in both; profession of being a farmer and a writer he replied magnificently ‘Ann’ is the best poem that has been ever written by anyone.

We wish to connect with more such writers linking the roots while associating and providing guidance to Jaipur Book Lovers for achieving new heights.

Writing credits: Abhishek
Editing credits: Swatii chandak

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