Well Known Strangers

“Mom here is your duplicate I was talking about.”

At school gate crazy little Ayaan introduced his new friend Janvi to his mother being called by same name. She bent on her knees to caress cute girl. She had missed this tender touch a lot ever since her mother died. To her amazement she glanced at her right finding her father waiting for her instead of grandfather. Leaving everything behind, she ran towards him while he couldn’t blink his eyes seeing her older version.

It was a sight he had missed a lot. No camera could compete against his eyes capturing same life in her eyes. She never let herself feel depressed for temporary sad moments. An arrange marriage ending at divorce gave her a whole new perspective to live with and her old dreams returned. Her life was getting worse the other way around. Her family took time to settle their emotions while she didn’t even need a justice’s judgment to uncover truth. They were in grief more for their seven years old societal decision taken in a hurry rather than for her life which had been come to a standstill. But then her cute son was there to mitigate her loneliness whom she later renamed as Ayaan whose older version was looking into her eyes.

A lot happened days after over coffee. One thing lead to another. Two lives passed in the same boat became one when they decided to get married. This unconventional family never became dysfunctional.


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