Unreachable dream

Born in the womb of my mother ,
Had I not wondered, if my existence would be a bother .

Not known what made me so unique,
My genetic character … being XX my cliche.
Sure my grandma would have not been so hurt,first being the fairer Sex
Aspiration for more as wasting come ,
In her thoughts … A male child would it become.
Against all odds .. Eduction was not a hard climb ,
Reaching for our goals .. Was not for all a proud moment in time
I reached the paradigm in life as I thought ,
Becoming what I aspired , what my dreams sought .
The comma in the essay of my story,
Was after all a necessary part … Not too sorry

To ponder … Me , mine , I were lost on the foggy road
As roles of wife , daughter in law mother began to unfold.
Gone in the wind .. Were my tempest thoughts
My break from the ordeal was the few minutes , hours of sleep I sought
In my childish tweakings , I wanted to wander like Alice in wonderland
Wishing my dreams -fantasies would never end
These imaginary escapades now, caste a guilt in my larger self
But I ask
Why it is wrong to dwelve in the dewy Sunday morning
Would I not be allowed a cent more of leisure
My small unworldly wild pleasures
For every woman who has stood tall on sword of life ,
In the woods she be allowed to tread,free of fear , full of dare.
Still be a child to go out in the wild
Chasing a deer.. Living in full gear.
After all ,does only a Y in place of X
Would not be making a difference so big I beg .

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