The Lonely Roads

The Lonely Roads
By Ayushi Chaurasia

There were these roads once,
earthen roads,
once in a while
they would meet each other
but only sometimes would they acknowledge each other.
These roads,
they never failed in their purpose,
for some would make you reach your destination
while some would vanish into the woods,
These roads,
some ran along the river,
some creeped along the dark castle,
some wound around the woody mountains,
while some through the wilderness of shrubs.
But these roads,
they were lonely like the vacuum,
not a single soul walked by them,
not a single spirit acknowledged their value.
the wind just rustled into the silence
carrying the dust along with them,
caressing the loose earth
on the vacant skin of these roads.
They were here,
they were there
they were helter
they were skelter.
They faced the sea,
the ocean

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