The Day He Left

The Day He Left
By Anshul Yadav

The day he left,
it was raining,
opened an umbrella to protect himself,
while I had nothing to save me,
from the thunder and storm raging inside me.
My mother never sent me to swimming lessons,
scared I would drown,
Dear Mother, I did drown,
swept away by tide of “his absence” and uncertainty,
Courage like sandcastles,
washed away by his parting wave.
Been ten months already,
“Be strong” ,
he had whispered before leaving,
I fall apart a little,
every time the phone rings to not announce his existence.
I was standing on the balcony when I saw him return,
The great war had weakened him,
But all I felt I was proud,
proud that he had fought for the country,
my own fears disappeared in his familiar embrace.

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