It’s Started with a friend request by Sujeet Nagarkar

This Book is a fiction and is all about the life of the millennial.

“A young corporate manager , Swapna, about 30 years old lady, fell in love with a guy of her team (Dev) who was younger than her in terms of age. But she never let her feelings came out and never discussed about it with anybody.
She was single and very passionate about her work.
Whereas Alisha (another girl) , who belongs to kolkata, daughter of swapna’s father’s friend, came to mumbai to pursue her graduation.
One day swapna and alisha went to a club on weekend and alisha met a guy there, they both exchanged their numbers and started dating each other.
On the other hand swapna started developing  stronger feelings towards Dev and started finding fair/ unfair ways so that Dev could always be present around her.
One day she called Dev at her friend’s farm house for a meeting.
Dev reached there but found swapna lied to him. She lied so that she could get a chance to come closer to him.
Dev had always knew about her feelings for him but he always tried to ignore her as he belonged to a small middle class family who had responsibilities on his shoulder of his entire family.
But that day was the end to his patience level. As soon as swapna came closer to him and was about to express all her feelings to him, he shouted and told her that somebody else is there in his life.
He is in love with that girl from last 6 months and he took his wallet out and showed her the picture of that girl.

She was none other than “ALISHA”
Yes alisha, he told her and explained about all the past incidents. He told her that he knew it that both the girls are roomates. But since it was not a right time for him to take  risk with his job .
So he did not tell anything to alisha about swapna and her feelings.He left the place then angrily.

Swapna, completely drunk, called Alisha.
She told alisha that Dev was her boyfriend and he cheated on both of them. He was playing with their feelings and she was crying loudly, disconnected the call.
She was driving the car at 100 km/h in heavy traffic and was continuously calling Dev but dev didn’t respond.
Suddenly her car met with an accident.
She was dead on the spot.
A police case was filed on Dev for murder. Alisha left dev and mumbai and went to kolkata.
Dev and his best friend always tried to contact her but she never responded.
One day Dev came to know that Alisha would be coming to mumbai for her exams.
Meanwhile his best friend sudeep was helping him in his police case .
One day they were having a normal conversation. Sudeep told him that he always lied to Dev that he always read all the emails that Dev used to send him. “By the way what was there in those emails which you used to send me. In order to avoid arguments I always lied that i have read all the emails, I don’t even know what were those emails all about, lol! ” .
Suddenly Dev realised that it was all the whatsapp messages that swapna used to send her whenever she was drunk.
Even swapna never remembered the things she did while she was drunk.

He opened all his emails immediately.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
He got all his proves that he wanted in order to prove that he was not the culprit .
Alisha came next day to mumbai .Mean while Dev submitted all the evidences to police and he was declared innocent by police.
But alisha did not forgive him.

Dev immediately went to her home and explained about everything but alisha didnot believe him.
While Dev was trying to pamper her, her mind deviated towards something.
She found a diary of Swapna.
Swapna wrote about her feelings for Dev, her eagerness to get close to him, everything.
Dev didnot have to say anything to alisha anymore. They hugged each other!!!!

Author has expressed the reality of today’s corporate world in this book beautifully.

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