By Devashish Chandra

I was a lonely cold pebble on the street,
You shone on me like the sun, you made me warm,
You showered on me like a meteor,
You flared on me like a solar storm;

When you were a child, you kept me in your orbit,
When you grew up, you made me a star,
I got bedazzled by my own light,
So like a rocket I took off, I went afar;

Now I twinkle alone, I am lonely and cold,
But I am glad I see you,
I see your birth, your youth, I see you growing old again,
I see you dieing, I see you being reborn again;
It flashes in front of my eyes every second,
Every second an eternity;

I can’t bear it anymore,
In this journey I have died many deaths,
But I want to die once more,
And burst into stardust,
Hoping, that some part of me would brush against you again,
Hoping, that some part of me would become a pebble,
To be lifted up and sent to the skies again….


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  1. 2
    Chetana Pokhriyal

    Eternity is the answer, belief in Eternity is the solace in the journey of faith. The poem is quite close to my belief though. Well articulated and composed!!!!

  2. 34
    Nidhi Dubey

    These are beautiful and soulful lines I’ve read in a long time. Splendid expression of emotions. All my best and please keep writing!!


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