One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat

One Indian Girl , the latest venture of Chetan Bhagat, is very predictably again a story which comprises a wedding, a punjabi family and corporate world. It’s a story of an highly successful indian girl who’s trying to find the balance between career, love ,marriage and family.T he girl goes through relationships, break ups , mother daughter disagreements while continuing to rise up in her  corporate career.  Chetan bhagat seems obsessed with punjabi mothers, aunts and weddings. So all this had to be there in his novel. One thing which writers like him fail to realize is that stories like One Indian Girl can definitely become best sellers , but there is an huge segment of indian population who expect something more substantial , stimulating to mind  and thought provoking from our writers . The book is a definitely an enjoyable read , an excellent timepass..but that’s all I have to say for it, it’s just timepass. Though Chetan does try to bring out the true meaning of ‘feminism ‘ , sadly he has failed miserably to do so. One indian girl is a story which i am sure we’ll soon see being made into a movie, so on the whole Chetan bhagat is successful in his venture. However he has again failed to impress the genuine readers and fallen a step down from the ladder as an author.

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