My Journey with JBL

My Journey with JBL

Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.”- Anna Quindlen

My journey with Jaipur Book Lovers started as a random twist of destiny. I just happened to stumble upon the History meet-up’s update and decided to give it a try. And as much as I hate clichés’ it was love at the first meeting. The club bought reading back in my life; I started writing, met authors, discovered interesting people and most importantly picked up books I would have otherwise never read. I leave Jaipur in a month or so and I don’t even have to think twice before saying that JBL meetings would be the first thing on my list of “Things I would miss most about Jaipur”.

As the club celebrates its 50th meet-up this Sunday I was very curious to know what were the experiences of other members, how they have evolved as a reader and what the club means to them. So when I asked the other members the same here is what they had to say:-

As we gear up to celebrate our 50th Meet-up, it’s time to look back with nostalgia, on the journey so far and it’s been quite a journey. It was nearly two years ago on 12th July 2015 that four of us got together with a simple idea uniting us a love for books and reading. Over the years it has grown to become a premier platform for this very idea. What I love about JBL is that it’s very egalitarian in its culture. Seniors, bureaucrats, students, professionals whatever may be our identity in JBL precincts we are all equal united by our common passion for books and reading .This is a place where we flaunt our book collections, the currency of status is how many books one has, how many one has read. More power to JBL and all of us.

Vivek Sharma

JBL has improved my reading habit which in turn has benefited me in improving my personality overall. I am indebted to this brilliant initiative for accepting me in this group even when I had not much knowledge about books. JBL is a platform in which no one judges you and readily accepts you and helps you to be a part of itself.”

Vipul Murarka

JBL introduced me to a lot of different books, authors, people, perspectives but one good thing that it did was re-introduced me to myself and precisely to the reader in me. From Fantasy to now fiction and non-fiction being around the corner, it has gotten me out of my comfort zone and helped me develop.”


Attending the history meet-up was the best thing I have done, because of that I got to meet so many people who are passionate about books as I am. Discovering JBL has been the best thing in Jaipur so far. I’m really glad I could be a part of such a great group. My only regret would be that I found them a bit late and missed a few great meet-ups.”

Anima Jain

Before realisation could dawn, JBL had become an integral part of my life and I now I look for those alternate Sundays when I get to meet people who share the same enthusiasm for books as I do. It is something that I’ll always cherish and memories of the meet-ups would forever be etched in my memory.

Kislay Kishan

On my first meet up I walked in with lots of questions and came out with some answers and a new perspective, and since that day getting associated with this club is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Hearty thanks and congratulations to the people who started it and making it reach its 50th meet -up, hope this number goes on increasing as the time ascends.

Manu Pratap Singh Shekhawat

My journey in JBL has been one of the most amazing one. I can still remember my first meet-up “Books by Agatha Christie “in November 2015. I checked my after some time and it showed me the JBL event. It was a small but very active gathering. All the faces which have now become integral part of my life were there.

I was reading only thrillers and mysteries that time. And when they announced different topics, it became like homework for me. It’s not easy to read different genres every 15 days but I started enjoying reading them. I started volunteering for JBL workings, met so many interesting people there. To be very frank I wouldn’t have gone to that many different cafes, attended events if it was not for JBL. Now we are approaching our 50th meet-up, I wish to be there for 100th too.

Prashant Gupta

By :-

Yashasvini Rathore 

Yashasvini believes that her epitaph would read something like this: – “She who always had a list of to-read books and loved to chase strangers’ Labradors”

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