My Crush

My Crush
By Pallavi Baheti


Dear Crush,
why you make me blush?
A simple text from you,
ignites a rush.
Ohh crush why you make me blush!!
Sometimes you talk very nice,
while other times all we do is fight.
Your words are hard to intake,
I don’t understand why i like you in the first place.
Our chats are all I read,
while waiting for the next time we speak.
The gap in between is soo big,
that sometimes,
I wonder if you forgot me already.
You say i am unique,
and then try this on every girl you meet.
You tune out in public,
overlook my existence,
I wonder what you achieve through such crappy conventions.
I find your atrocious words acceptable,
your imperfect gratitude splendid,
your careless attitude admirable
your lousy smile an ace.
You are just a liability in my life full of opportunities
but again,
I fail to understand,
why my heart changes its course,
when it hears your tag!!!!
Ohhh Crush ……
You make me blush!!!!

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