Meetup number 27: The Jungle Book and Other Works of Rudyard Kipling

By Divyajot joshi

“This is the hour of pride and power,
Talon and Tush and Claw,
Oh hear the call! – Good hunting all
That keep the Jungle Law!”

— Night Song in the Jungle

The 27th meetup on “The Jungle Book and Other Works of Rudyard Kipling” was an amazing gathering of Jaipur Book Lovers with discussions ranging from The
Jungle Book, Captain Courageous, Just so Stories and other tales and poems by Ruddy Kip.

The Specifics delivered on the Biography of Rudyard Kipling by Varsha and the controversies surrounding the writing and political inclinations of Rudyard
Kipling by Sukriti were well researched and eloquent.

The impromptu Section had discussions on the quality of various Jungle book adaptations including the dubbed anime series, the Disney rendition and the
latest The Jungle Book movie.

Lastly, a fascinating discussion on “Your Favorite Jungle Book Character” brought about a nerdy discussion on the Jungle Book.
Kaa the python representing clash royale free gems Mystique and charm is a favourite of Dr. Manu , Sher khan representing the ultimate predator and an emblem of strength fascinates
Abhishek , Baloo representing the ultimate guru,  lord of the bear necessities and Bagheera as the cool cat and fierce protector were discussed by Shubham
and Prashant . With a variety of inputs from Swatii , Prakhar , Prateek , Lajpat Rai , Gajendra Surana and Prerna our meetup concluded and we even found
ourselves a little Mowglii. *see the pics*

So, a Huge Mowglicious  Thank you to all our members for attending, participating and making our Little Gathering a fun filled and an amazing event.