meetup #58 notes ” Bilbo Meets Martin over a milk Shake “

Article by Keshav gurjar

Edited by Vipul murarka

Dear Frodo,

I am going to tell you about one of my recent adventures. I went to this meetup of men and women, who came to talk about works of our creator, J R R Tolkien and one other writer, George R.R. Martin. We were also the topics of discussion. Here it goes.

It is my 250th birthday, I am writing to you about this event happened on day 13th August, 2017 of this world in Westeros cafe in some area of middle earth. I was there, floating invisibly by the powers the elves had given me.

I write about these men and women who gathered to talk about two men – J R R Tolkien and George R R Martin. The former is our creator and second one is known for Game of Thrones. They started with story of creation of our universe, how Melkor, the dark lord tempered with music of god, how our entire world came up, the first age of elves then second age, the third age, our age yours and mine adventures with ring, and then the fourth age of men. These are living beings from fourth age who are discussing us.

Mr. Frodo, you remember the role you played in taking that ring to Mount Doom. Your story inspires many about the virtues of friendship, of you and Sam and relations. Sam has said, “Mr. Frodo will carry the ring, and if he is not able to carry it, I will carry him to Mount Doom to destroy that ring.” Then there was the mention of Gandalf the white, how these characters like Gandalf, Dumbledore instil the confidence and play a role in guiding the hero.

Now, comes, George Martin, he wrote wonderfully, I overheard. He created Westeros world, he was a TV guy (don’t know what it is, maybe one of Gandalf’s magical fireworks), he was a writer. He wrote in the form of cliff-hangers. Prashant, one of the men present there, remarked that he painted picture of gory, death, deception, violence and sex. It was the power struggle to The Iron Throne.

He was known for Games of Thrones TV series to the masses. Rubina, one of the women, talked fiercely about him, how Martin wrote, what are his other works. She said he took inspiration from history, evident from reference to the wall to Hadrian’s Wall, taking cues from Queen Margret character. His writings have political and mind games thanks to his chess orientation. The game of thrones is more about political wit, mind games and strategies than about actual battle.

Well, what is likable is how his characters go through a transformation arc and how they develop. The examples given were of Daenerys, Arya Stark, and Cersei Lannister. The women portrayal is something to be noted of. How Daenerys faced everything a women can possibly face and see how she came about. To know more, read the book Mr. Frodo.

Many remarked upon the TV series, how you cannot rely upon it as characters are killed nonchalantly. But, Mr. Frodo, there is this one guy, who looks quite like us and Martin has earmarked him as his favourite character, Tyrion Lannister. The prickly little fellow, he is.

Moving to other works of this fellow, George Martin, he wrote a critical success but commercial failure piece on journalism. Its failure drove him to abyss and then came out the masterpiece. A trilogy on Sir Duncan the Tall was also discussed.

The other one, The Ice Dragon, is a story of a girl and ice dragon. It is about their friendship and adventures. It is a light read, one for children.

Then, our world came up for discussion. How our creator, J R R Tolkien, makes up world to support his newly developed language. Is it not surprising, Mr. Frodo? Abhishek talked about Tolkein’s infamous poetry. Yes our master has poetic skills also. Sumit spelled out a spell about ring, one ring to bind them all, one ring to rule them. Frightening that was, but in the end, it was all laughs. Siddhi who has done a thesis on his work shared her knowledge with every one.

There was a mention about us over our humble nature and ability to carry ring. We are able to carry its burden, men not. The story of Gollum, from whom I took the ring, was also shared. Then talk of Joseph Campbell who inspired the creator.

Then, the discussion ventured over mythology, how in this country our creator’s works were not famous until a fellow named Peter Jackson made the film. The mythology debate reached a crescendo over coffee maker. Who ordered the shakes?

Mr Frodo, with this, the discussion came to an end. Hope you can join me next time on my expedition. We will have that shake together. That’s all I have today. Be happy, my son.

Yours loving uncle

Bilbo Baggins


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