love at first site

Do you believe in friendships and true love? Or coincidences and destiny? Or do you think fate is all-powerful? Have you ever known how it feels like to be in a one-sided love? If yes to all the questions, I have a story for you to relate to. If no, I hope my words take you on the journey to that undiscovered land.

This is the story of a girl whose dreams landed her to Kota to become a doctor. And it was during that time when her eyes met the glare of another. She stopped for a while, took some time to realise what this new feeling was. For the first time in life, she had this feeling after seeing a guy. But that wasn’t their time, that was her time to walk miles to fulfil her childhood dream and she did exact that.
After a year, she was in a college. She had left certain things in past and didn’t let anything affect her before she saw that guy standing somewhere in a group of students outside the anatomy department. Destiny? Coincidence?

She sent him a Facebook friend request and he accepted. From liking pictures to messaging, a string of connections started and she felt like the Happiest person alive.

She wanted to confess her feelings but feared rejection. She then remembered the words of her favorite author ravindra Singh :- “Bother not about what would happen after you confess your feelings to someone because the worst that can happen is rejection and that isn’t the end, my dear friend!”
She took a chance and texted him. She also told him that whatever his answer would be, she’d accept that and promised to be his friend!  He then promised the same thing saying that friendship is far better than relationship. As promised, she accepted this happily.

Not that she’s stopped loving him. Whenever he passes through corridor in the college, she smiles. Whenever he comes to her with his projects and stuff, she still feels special about it. Everything about him makes her fall in love with him again and again. She’s “happily sad”. 


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