Leaving weakness….

Leaving Weakness
By Avani Jain

Tears roll down my cheek
Each fresh one makes me weak
Pain tears my heart down
But on my face there’s not one frown…

They don’t know a single thing
So many insults my way they fling
They think each one rolls off my back
But its so hard to keek my tears in check…

It hurts too much
All my peices even i can’t touch
They’ve broken me down
My heart lays shattered on the ground…

I am six feet under
Still there are bolts of thunder
And no one hears me scream
Please wake me, tell me its just a dream…

There’s no here one to hear my scream
And wake me up from this horrid dream
There’s only me to pull me out
And only me to hear my shout…

Tears still roll down my cheek
But they no longer make me weak
I’ve mastered poker face
And pain no longer breaks my pace…

My tears are spent
I’ve found my way and found my streangth
All my lost smiles i’m about to find
I’ve moved forward leaving my weakness behind…

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