Jaipur Book Lovers – 50 meetup strong

By Prateek agarwal

“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They

are home.”

― – Anna Quindlen

Looks like a thing of yesterday. It was a pleasant Sunday morning of September 2014. Four

individuals, (out of whom two were strangers with each other) met in a coffee shop, sat on a small

table and talked about their favourite books, their passion of books and the need of book club in

Jaipur. And that was the beginning of Jaipur Book Lovers (JBL).

JBL first began as monthly meetup activity about books and saw a great enthusiasm from Jaipur’s

vibrant readers. People kept joining and the community decided to meet every second and fourth

Sundays of the month to discuss books on various topics, authors and genres.

Who knew that an informal meetup platform started that day would turn into the community of

thousands of avid readers, both from Jaipur as well as from around the world.

As famous writer Irving Stone wrote, “There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed

between people who love the same books.” Members of JBL are from different age groups, cultures,

thought processes, occupations, professions, hobbies and interests. They all come together on a

single platform and what connects everyone is his/her love of books.

On 9 th of April 2017, JBL is completing its 50 th meetup. What a journey it has been.

Throughout the period, readers met at Jaipur’s various locations for doing what they do best –

grabbing their coffee, discussing various books, authors and genres, giving book recommendations

to each other, reading books together, discovering interesting perspectives and fostering long-

lasting friendships. And mind you, this is all done for free and will always remain to be free.

Each meetup has been on a different subject, ranging as wide as classical books, history, philosophy

and sports to as specific as books on partition, ‘the Godfather’ and author Gulzar Saab. These are

just few examples.

To commemorate and celebrate this milestone of reaching 50 th meetup, JBL is having yet another

meetup, and this time a special one where a range of interesting activities is being organized,

including live interaction with some of the famous authors, quiz competition about books and much


On JBL’s official social media pages, we’re reminiscing those incredible memories of the various

meetups that took place in the past and discussing the takeaways members got. Complete details

about 50 th meetup event shall as well be announced shortly.

We invite all those who have been with us throughout this journey to join us on 9 th April 2017 at

Jawahar Kala Kendra’s Krishnayan from 11 Am onwards. We also invite all the new members who

are yet to be part of this club that has been given several laurels such as one of the best hobby clubs

of Jaipur by ScoopWhoop and many.

About author:

Prateek agarwal is a tech entrepreneur, life coach, blogger and public speaker. He has a keen

interest in reading books, writing, discovering new things around as well as meeting people and

understanding their challenges.

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