My Induction in Jaipur Book Lovers Club: An account of Mr. Gajendra Surana.


Written by: Gajendra Surana.

Edited by: Divyajyot Joshi


Being an Ex-Xavierite and having read a few books, I walked in boisterously inside the Cafe Cafine, on M.I. road, the venue of Jaipur  Book Lovers 27th

Meetup on “The Jungle Books and other works by Rudyard Kipling”.

In spite of being an hour late I waved a casual ‘Hi Everybody’ and sat down beaming with confidence and pride. It took less than 10 minutes for my pride

to disappear and when the next speaker

Dr. Swatii Chandak (PhD) got up to speak, my confidence was shattered to a million bits. Well read and pleasantly eloquent, she was so thorough on the

subject that I just

watched her, mesmerized. Her talk and delivery was such that it would put an orator to shame.

Next was Divyajyot, who appeared to be a college student and had a pile of books in front of him and he was even better.

I not only lost my confidence but was fidgeting in my chair with


Since this was my first meet up I knew that not much was expected of me but even then I rehearsed my basic introductory lines. Obviously I stammered and

was out of words but it did not show on the faces around me. They smiled and nodded, encouraging me to continue speaking.

I turned to the person sitting next to me and enquired “Who is the

President and the Secretary of this Club?” “None” came the curt reply. I asked for the registration fee and again came the same one word reply.

I sat there admiring Dr. Manu Saini’s conduction. A Gynecologist by profession and a ‘Gyani’ by knowledge. After her spoke other club members Prateekji,

Prashant, Joshua, Varsha Kalyani, Manu, Shubham, Sukriti,  Abhishek Spy and many others including Dir Lajpat Rai. They were all good and specific on the

subject. Initially it was hard for me to believe that a club could exist and survive on the basis of solitary bond of love for books, apprehensive, I waited

for the ’Catch’ and even mingled with the group at the end of the meet up.

Believe me. There was none.

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