The Flipside by Adam J Jackson

The Flipside is a very common concept and we have heard from our elders this one line when something bad happen, “Jo bhi hota hai ache k liye hota hai“. So the way the author Adam J Jackson has put this idea is that every adversity brings along with it a hidden opportunity, which isn’t quite visible at that very moment but with positive mindset and optimistic approach that adversity can not only be tackled but can also make life more happier than it was before.

  • How the book has been arranged and what it’s content reflects?


Well the book is a non fictional work ,hence the focus is less on the literature part and is inclined more on the content, i.e. The Flipside. This book is an account of people from various aspects of life, from different nationalities, facing different adversities, coping differently, etc.

It’s just not only a collection of accounts of different people but also includes the problem faced by the author himself and how he overcame it, and it should be the reason for readers to pick it up, as what has been written is not only just words but also the mutual experience of the author as well. The prologue starts from Adam’s own account of dealing and coping with a critical disease called Psoriasis at the tender age of twelve.

Just like every normal person he also was broken because of the ailment, but we all got lucky that he had a tutor named Mr Greenstein, who introduced to him a concept called ‘The Flipside’ . The book contains  accounts of various people who- when faced with adversities dealt it using their positive attitude with a blend of optimism and found out their Flipside.

The book is divided into three parts which have their respective sub categories:-


1) Discoveries –  Finding the Flipside

2) Pathways – Steps to the Flipside

3) Reflections – Thoughts to the Flipside


These three parts includes some well known individuals like Thomas A Edison, Colonel Sanders( KFC founder), Tony Robins, Viktor K Frankl, etc and many not so well known folks like Julio Iglesias, W Mitchell, Ben Underwood, Amit Goffer and many more. These all accounts will bring light to various methods used against various adversities, some will force you to rethink on your crying habits on such small matters, some might leave you in awe that how in the world a human with so much of difficulties can even come up with a Flipside, some accounts will enable you to discover new fields and career, but more or less every account will leave you inspired in some or the other way.

And the best part is even the sub categories have sub categories, so one can read from anywhere as there are minimal interconnections between consecutive sub topics/chapters.



  • How this book has appealed to me?


Well as I am quite inclined towards non-fiction self help novels and this book has moved me in various ways. The soul of this novel is The Flipside, which has the derivatives and they are optimism and positive attitude.

This work first will let you know what is the concept about, then it will let you know how one can tackle adversities with the help of various methods, then comes the reflecting part ,that how can one actually do it. The amazing thing about this particular novel is that at the end it will also tell you when not to find a Flipside.

In terms of language, it’s quite easy to read and comprehend which makes it quite a page turner. As this book contains only accounts of individuals so at times one has to put it aside in order to absorb the content and its essence as well as to not feel drowsy. One can skim through some of the chapter if they don’t appeal much to the reader.

Despite of knowing this concept beforehand, I still finished this novel and at the end I had a different outlook on this concept, more of a refined and enhanced one.  I will be implementing the methods discussed in this work in order to have a head start when adversity knocks at my door.

PS – It clearly states it’s not always necessary to have hardships to attain success and one shouldn’t wait for it to occur as well as one should never force oneself into one and then find The Flipside. An account like this has been specifically mentioned that how a man cut his legs to sleep better and what not.



  • Do I recommend this book?


Definitely, but those who are not much into nonfiction shouldn’t pick this as their first read as its content may seem repetitive to them and may leave it unfinished which will be an insult to this work as well as to my recommendation, so it might not look like a win-win  after all.


  • Ratings – 4/5
  • Additional Comment

If you are looking for a good self help, this must be your next read as it can smoothly work out if you are into parallel reading and a must have novel to increase the value of your collection. Irrespective of fields of interest this novel offers something to each and every reader who picks it up and he/she can even open any page and start reading from that point onwards.

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