Flashes of my life

Flashes of My Life
By Rishabh Gupta

Envisages me, drapes me around.
Runs into deepest hides of my minds,knowing no bounds.
Fills the aura around me.
Emblams my world differently all over.
Changes the definition of “WE” !
Just like to pizza does the clover.
Walks along with me, making me secure from dawn to dusk .
Shines in my eyes ,
Outstands even in the crowded husk.
Takes me into oceans of imagination ,
Sometimes on clouds of reality.
Enlivens me sometimes in fun,
Sometime kills me with cruelty.
“ALONE” ,the 6 letter word so short but sound .
Day by day grows in my heart, gaining more ground.
Even when the world shall leave, I know you’lll still be there.
But i thank you , maybe, coz you make me live,sometimes out of nowhere.

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