On the surface I lack substance, 

The grit to make you stay longer.

You pass me by without a second glance, 

You dismiss me as another face in the crowd. 


When you do get to know me a little,

I can’t hold your attention for long. 

We engage in some mundane small talk, 

Oh the small talk that is the bane of my existence.


So you pass me by again, 

Thinking you solved the mystery that I am. 

You think it is a pity,

I couldn’t even keep a toddler interested. 

Am I sorry or glad to tell you that’s not the case?

I have galaxies within waiting to be discovered, 

I have the depth of an ocean waiting to be explored. 

It’s all locked within me and I am the sole bearer the key. 

The key could unlock things that would take your breath away, 

Things so magical it would blow your mind away. 

But my friend you’ll never have the key, 

Because you couldn’t look more than just a mile ahead.

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