An Evening with Saransh Goila

By Divyajyot Joshi

Saransh Goila is an instantly likeable, zesty and a loquacious being. Apart from being a celebrated Indian chef and a much loved food show host, he is also a spirited food enthusiast and a pilgrim in search of the tastes and flavours of India in all its avatars. India On My Platter, the latest writing venture by this passionate pilgrim is a book that talks about the statistically epic 20,000 km food journey, a culinary trail undertaken to discover the nuances of local cuisines.

On the 23rd of September 2016, Jaipur Book Lovers (JBL) had a palatable session with Saransh Goila on his new book and his experiences as a wayfarer in search of the many relishes of India. Our host for the evening, Dr. Manu Saini baked up a delightful conversation and pleasantly “grilled” the author about what drove him to embark on such a long journey, the everyday difficulties on the way and the spiritual blend of travelling and discovering surprisingly new tastes and recipes.

At Crosswords, amidst a chromatic blossom of books the gathering of readers and cooking enthusiasts from all around the city were enthralled by this appetizing discussion. Saransh in his amiable and unpretentious conversational manner narrated many incidences from his travels. From discovering Satpura Paranthas to Murthal ke Paranthe, from discovering the divinity of sacred cuisines of Gurudwaras and Temples to cooking food in a boat in Varanasi and eating the North Indian Highway Style Dal cooked up by truck drivers in their trucks, the experiences were many and all equally fascinating. During this interactive session, the audiences on Saransh’s request made a few suggestions naming the well known eateries, Lassi shops and Mishthan Bhandars of Jaipur.

While growing up, Saransh wanted to be an actor but like many childhood fancies this too got diluted with time. Years after he set upon a quest for the culinary arts, he finally had a chance to act in a food show Roti, Rasta aur India. The show became a sensation, however, during the making of the show, the studio heads would be unable to contain their horror at Chef Saransh’s acting skills and would impart him certain not-so-gentle reminders, regarding the same.

Regardless of Saransh’s theatrical skills, he is a gracious human being, a brilliant chef and a passionate traveler on a culinary trail in search of newer flavors and tastes. His wonderful book is an ambrosial treat of travels and cuisines, a tantalizing treat for readers and cooking enthusiasts alike.

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