Enlightment – An ethereal experience

In these densely populated surroundings, conjusted and materialistic world, my soul was sinking in the tempestuous sea of dilemma and debate, meditations and reflections, contemplations and introspection and i was left deserted and disillusioned with life. Why am i caught up in this callous era? A realisation dawned upon me as if the profound voice of my conscience spoke in a demeanour which was beyond words to interpret or explain…….”You will receive healing in mother nature’s lap.”

As i set out on a journey upwards with an intense desire to be blessed with an understanding of the reason and purpose of my life, i felt embraced in the arms of faith and hope. The gentle whispers of nature through their innumerable wishes and prayers flowed like a brook, finding their way through the pebbles and rocks inside the sea of my life.

May you explore the cosmos of infinite knowledge and wisdom present within.

May you personify impeccable farsightedness and a widening horizon.

May you create an oasis of peace and tranquility at the inner core where the strength of equilibrium soothes you and brings solace to your state of turmoil and turbulence.

May you experience the richness and abundance of the divine inwards.

May your soul be the source of perennial joie de vivre.

May your passion and ardour for life be ever-youthful.

May your fervent love for humanity be bouncingly irrepressible.

May you embark on a journey of self-discovery and awaken into a scintillating state of enlightenment.

It seemed like nature was searching to find the way to somehow attract the solemn consent through well chosen words as they pray. . . . . . . .

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