Meena ran. Her heart pounded, lips set in a grim straight line, while a dupatta covered her head shielding her face from prying eyes.  She hugged the small bag slung on her shoulder and ran.
Only one thought ran through her mind: to get away.  Awadh Express was expected at 3.30pm.  She could make it!  The railway tracks slowed her down but this was the quickest way to the station.
Meena!” the call jolted her.  “Meena, stop!” It was Shekhar.
She went faster now.The train would be coming. I beg you,” Shekhar called.  “Don’t leave me.  I’ll do anything – anything you want!”
Shekhar was running across the tracks to reach her.  “I cannot live without you, Meena,” voice distraught, vision zeroed on her, oblivious of all else.A thunderous sound drowned his voice.
Meena turned to look. Shekhar lay near the tracks, a leg bloodied, mangled.  Yet she heard him plead, “Don’t go, Meena!”
She ran madly towards him, forgetting all else – the agony, the misery that Shekhar, her husband of six years had caused her – the reason she had decided to flee.
She reached him, tears streaming down her face, remembering, suffused by the fierce, intense love they had shared. She held him in her arms, there by the tracks. He wept. “Don’t leave me!  I… I love you,” he clutched at her, eyes pleading, unaware of his severed leg lying across the track.
You’ll not leave me?” he pleaded.Never!” she exclaimed.

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