Back and Forth

Vote now“Do I have a confession to make? Yes, I do. I’ll tell you something I never had. […]

Can we?

Vote nowCan we make our surroundings¬†clean And throw our demons in a bin. Can we stop all ego […]

Weeping out the colours of my life

Vote nowWeeping out the colours of my life, One colour is still there. A colour so dark and […]

Unreachable dream

Vote nowBorn in the womb of my mother , Had I not wondered, if my existence would be […]


Vote nowWhen truth falls on your tongue, it falls in bits and pieces, like eating small pieces of […]


Vote nowThe box of facades in you Speak to me The alter ego of darkness That hides behind. […]

The kite and I

Vote nowThe kite flies a restricted flight So does I, Stands packed for long Instead born to fly […]


Vote nowOn the surface I lack substance,¬† The grit to make you stay longer. You pass me by […]

The Broken Conversations

Vote nowDuring promenades in languid evenings when she, I and silence walk side by side, the summer sun […]

A Song for Readers

Vote nowWhy do we read? We read, because, once upon a time, yes, once upon a time… When […]