CHURNING OF THE abstract with Amruta Patil and her brush

By Ayushi Chaurasia Little did I know that an artist somewhere in France was revving up her illustrations […]

Wuthering Heights

Article By Yashasvini Rathore Edited By Divyajyot Joshi This Sunday (23 November 2016) the members of  Jaipur Book […]

A Caravansary of Wanderers Who Aren’t Lost

Written by: Radhika Mendiratta Edited by: Vipul Murarka On the Sunday morning of August 28th, I was jolted […]

My Induction in Jaipur Book Lovers Club: An account of Mr. Gajendra Surana.

  Written by: Gajendra Surana. Edited by: Divyajyot Joshi   Being an Ex-Xavierite and having read a few […]

Book launch: Black Taj by Lady Kent

Written by: Shubham tiwari Edited by: Swatii chandak The first Saturday of August (6th of august) saw the launch of […]

Book launch of ‘Courage and Commitment’ by Margaret Alva

Jaipur Book Lovers attended the book launch of Margaret Alva’s autobiography ‘Courage and Commitment’ Following is the account […]

An Evening with Anita Nair – The Account of a member of the Jaipur Book Lovers Club

At around 5:50PM last Friday , I left my office in a hurry. I had about ten minutes […]

When words cultivate in farms

On July 17, Initating the bright Sunday morning with a literary collusion , three of the JBL members […]

Book Barter Social Jaipur in association with Jaipur book lovers

JAIPUR BOOK LOVERS is happy to be associated with an  amazing  and unique of its kind initiative by […]