meetup #58 notes ” Bilbo Meets Martin over a milk Shake “

Article by Keshav gurjar Edited by Vipul murarka Dear Frodo, I am going to tell you about one […]

The Litmosphere

Written by: Radhika Mendiratta Edited by: Vipul Murarka The fantasies of the heart unabatedly surpass the pace of lightening, […]

The Day I Met Anuja Chauhan

Written by: Anima Jain Edited by: Vipul Murarka During an author interaction organized by Kalam on 18 October […]

Spirituality and Sufism

Written By: Anima Jain Edited By: Divyajyot Joshi “Fret not where the road will take you. Instead concentrate […]

A Caravansary of Wanderers Who Aren’t Lost

Written by: Radhika Mendiratta Edited by: Vipul Murarka On the Sunday morning of August 28th, I was jolted […]

Works of Ayn Rand

By Radhika Mendiratta Edited by Divyajyot Joshi “Individualism, Rationality, Reality, Capitalism – all these yarns weave the philosophical […]

An Evening with Hardeep Singh Puri

By Divyajyot Joshi The term “Iatrogenesis” comes from a Greek word that means “brought forth by a healer”. […]

An Evening with Saransh Goila

By Divyajyot Joshi Saransh Goila is an instantly likeable, zesty and a loquacious being. Apart from being a […]

A different perspective on New Wave Indian Authors

By Yashasvini Rathore Edited by Divyajyot Joshi Let me begin this article by saying that this is probably […]

Works of Haruki Murakami

By Prateek Agarwal Edited by: Dr Swatii Chandak Imagine this: there’s a machine that can download your brain […]