Paroxysm By Avantika Singhal My scraggy fingers are environed by Billows of dust as I hasten to empty […]

Restoring Vision

Restoring Vision By Dr Sonal Kalia She wore a forlorn expression, As though she had lost all connection, […]

The Fire

The Fire By Dipali Khandelwal Little star,even when grey overshadows the galaxy Know there is an inextinguishable fire […]

Red stain

Red stain By Pragati Gupta Wiped the sweat off her face Disgraced, she traced her childhood days Golden […]

The Scarlet Song

The Scarlet Song By Radhika Mendiratta Music was oxygen for him. With the melody and rhythm of the […]

And I Miss You…….

And I Miss You… By Namita S Kalla As life unveils its harsh reality Making us shed tears […]

A Girl, A Dream, A Curse

A Girl, A Dream, A Curse By Raksha Soni A girl, a dream, a curse, A world which […]

Shenanigans with the Night

Shenanigans with the Night By Neha Goyal Tonight I lay, with my scars wide open, again; It’s a […]

Long Game

Long Game By Puneet Agrawal I navigate this strange darkness unkind, As burdens of the past noisily drag […]

Poetry On The Days of Love

Poetry On The Days of Love By Joshua Immanuel Part I Her back is beautiful perfume leaning against […]