Aloof from the world, that surrounds me I dream of land,that hounds me A place out of reach […]

Leaving weakness….

Leaving Weakness By Avani Jain Tears roll down my cheek Each fresh one makes me weak Pain tears […]


Stardust By Devashish Chandra I was a lonely cold pebble on the street, You shone on me like […]

The Unknown

The Unknown By Vidushi Pande In this preoccupied world Beneath the undying azure Exists a soul, being sold […]

Her Birth brings misery or happiness?

Her Birth brings misery or happiness? By Anubhav Singh The day I was born, I don’t remember Numb […]

Flashes of my life

Flashes of My Life By Rishabh Gupta Envisages me, drapes me around. Runs into deepest hides of my […]

Unkempt Emotions

Unkempt Emotions By Divya Hemnani I stare at the mirror; Blank eyes vacant face I touch my reflection; […]

My Kind of Man

My Kind of Man By Yashasvini Rathore My Kind of man Cooks scrumptious butter chicken for me every […]

The Day He Left

The Day He Left By Anshul Yadav The day he left, it was raining, heavily, opened an umbrella […]

My Crush

My Crush By Pallavi Baheti Dear Crush, why you make me blush? A simple text from you, ignites […]