When Breath becomes Air by Dr. Paul Kalanithi

‘When Breath becomes Air’, the sheer essence of the title disencumbers an allusion too gravitational to bear, breath that once was living becomes the passing air, taking form of wherever it may reside.

Death is inevitable, but what makes the mortal human life meaningful?
Dr Paul Kalanithi takes us on a journey to understand the calamities of life. This story narrates a story of a doctor who references through how it feels to be a patient. The author tactfully describes a doctor as death’s ambassador than its enemy.

His life takes a turning point when he is diagnosed with lung cancer. His suffering lasted for 22 months, where Paul confronted death, wrestled with its might and accepted it both as a doctor and a patient. By reading the first half of the book one will take a gaping look at the experience and journey of a neurosurgeon.

Paul chronicles his emotions as a doctor.

Part 2 of book enumerates Paul’s condition through the perspective of his wife, Lucy. As his wife said Paul’s life didn’t come to a halt after knowing about the cancer but his priorities certainly did change.

By writing this masterpiece Paul proved that all sufferings in the world happen for a reason and they are worth it.

This book is a powerful tale of a doctor who walks parallel to death.

Paul Kalanithi profoundly influence lives of others by his words even after he is gone . “What happened to Paul was tragic but Paul was not a tragedy”.

Writer applied his full potential in explaining the physiological -spiritual man, which hints at physiology of treating a patient with traces of ethics. Paul’s writing style in first part carry the readers in  almost an anatomy class filled with emotions and the second part reveals the emotions of family and friends.

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