Book Review – The Universe Within By Neil Shubin

Review by Vipul Murarka

Neil Shubin is a great story teller. Topic such as this might be boring for few, but the way he deals with the topic is amazing. He not only gives you
facts that are backed by solid figures but also tells those facts in a story format that doesnt seem like you are reading a scientific book.
The book ties together multiple disciplines of Science and has beautifully explained how humans are connected to rocks, planets, etc. The book describes
how the properties of our bodies have been affected by the universe we live in, starting with the Big Bang. For instance, when India slammed into Asia,
not only did this scenario give rise to the Himalayas but it also changed the climate thereby altering the plants and leading to our ability to perceive
colours. Many such interesting correlations are presented in this book (with facts).
The book is indeed a gem for those who are aware of the basics in several domains of science. How well will a layman understand is something I am not sure
of. Must read for those who wish to know more about evolution.

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