Book Review of Super Consumers by Eddie Yoon

Review by Vipul Murarka

If one has attended Business School, he/she will be aware of Pareto Principle which states that about 80% of the sales of a product come from 20% of the consumers. Eddie Yoon’s Superconsumers is based on this concept that that not only there exists a type of consumer “superconsumer” which purchases certain products in bulk but they are deeply in love for the category and maybe a particular brand in that category.

This is a refreshing book laden with numerous case studies which highlight how companies tap into their pool of superconsumers to increase the sales. While the number of case studies mentioned in this book is decent, what I felt was that these studies just touched the tip of the iceberg. Some of the case studies could have been dealt in bit more detail. Maybe that’s why this is a fast paced and short book. Nevertheless the book gives a good introduction to why it is important to recognize superconsumers and how to tap into this segment.

The book was helpful in demonstrating how one can follow the supersonsumers to get idea about product improvisation, packing, positioning, etc. One useful piece of insight for me was how these superconsumers can help to understand how your product can be used. While the manufacturer of the product may have thought of a primary usage, these superconsumers help in understanding how consumers can also use the product in a different way. This can help in new positioning which can be a game changing strategy for the company. Not only this, the vitamin example’s insight was useful to me in understanding that if you study people who purchase vitamins could actually be buying them as kind of a health insurance. This could be a big insight for insurance companies who can also target these vitamin consumers to expand their customer base.

After reading the book, i feel that The strategy of Superconsumers should be one of the strategies for the companies and maybe not the whole focus. It would have been great if the case studies didn’t use fake names as I feel people will be able to connect more with what the author is saying. There were times I felt that just to prove a point, the author has made up an example and a fake name.

Overall a good book with useful insights. If you have studied business course, this will give a different perspective of why it is important to pay attention to super consumers. If you are new to business, this will open your mind and may give you a new strategy to work upon.

Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

About the Reviewer :

Vipul Murarka likes to learn something new every time he picks up a book. He has done BSc (Hons) in Plant Biotechnology from University of Nottingham after which he has done MBA in Marketing from School Of Inspired Leadership. Right now he resides in Myanmar doing business in agriculture.

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