Book review of The Prisoners of Geography By Tim Marshall

Review by Vipul Murarka

How did US become so prosperous and strong? Why is there the tension between India and Pakistan? What is the reason for turmoil in the middle east?
If you have ever wished to find answers to these questions and many others about how the countries reached to where they are at the moment, this book is the only one which you should pick this year.
This book can be a bible for those who wish to understand the short history of how the countries came about. The book not only gives you a taste of how geography has influenced the decisions countries have made but also gives you a glimpse of what to expect in future when it comes to the political decisions these countries may make.
Prisoners of Geography is a brisk, written in simple English and in a narrative manner that will not make you put this down if this topic interests you. The book’s central theme is that Geography defines the destiny of a nation. Book is divided in 10 chapters for 10 different countries/groups of countries and each of these chapters begins with a map of that country/region.
Once you have read the book, you will definitely start understanding what is happening in the world and the reasons behind the same such as the Syrian conflict, North Korea vs South Korea, why once US and Japan were at war with each other and now Japan has gladly stationed US Soldiers on its soil and many more. The book may also teach you something that you wouldn’t have thought of yet. For instance, we have been talking a lot about climate change and ice melting at the Arctic, but not much conclusive steps have been taken to take care of the matter. One reason (which I realized after reading the book) could be because since Arctic hasn’t been explored because of extreme conditions, there are huge deposits of minerals, gas, and oil within that region and once the ice melts, it will become comparatively easier for countries such as US, Russia, China and others to exploit that. The book will turn out to be an eye opener for all.
It is one of the best introductions to world politics that one could read. I would have personally struggled to read anything else on this subject matter.

About the reviewer :

Vipul Murarka likes to learn something new every time he picks up a book. He has done BSc (Hons) in Plant Biotechnology from University of Nottingham after which he has done MBA in Marketing from School Of Inspired Leadership. Right now he resides in Myanmar doing business in agriculture.

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