Book review of ” Originals” by Adam grant

Review by Vipul murarka

Book review of Originals by Adam M Grant

Another masterpiece by Prof Grant which should be read by one and all, from all walks of life. Originals can actually become a Bible for you to succeed in life because the theories mentioned in the book (supported by solid research and numerous examples) seem workable. This is the third book (after Blink by Malcolm Gladwell and Give and Take by the same author) I will recommend to everyone.

All of us are originals in one way or the other. It is just that we just don’t seem to realise it. This book will highlight that quality within you and make you think about the other qualities which you can easily develop to become an original. At the starting of the book itself, the author clearly explains that for him originality means “introducing and advancing an idea that’s relatively unusual within a domain and that has the potential to improve it.” We are being original to some extent when we are trying to break the status quo from either our personal life or our professional life. But we stop after that and forget about it. This book can teach you how to make that a revolution. Originals also shatters the traditional viewpoint that you have to be born genius to be original. He writes “nothing is completely original in the sense that all of our ideas are influenced by what we learn from the world around us.”

I will steal a line from my previous review about his first book. “Prof Grant will make sure you stay glued to this book until you finish it. His theories, backed up by research and woven into story-telling is something that will not only make the reading simple and fun but also will teach you a lot in its unique way.”

The writing is very simple and for everyone to grasp what the author is talking about. The writing is also honest which is shown by the example when he admits in the beginning of the book itself how he missed on an opportunity to invest in Warby Parker and that it was the worst financial decision he had ever made. The examples cited to support the theory have been taken from several fields such as entrepreneurship, law, technology, sports, politics, etc.

For me this is a 4.5 star book and not 5 star only because most of the examples cited are from America and very few from other countries. If you don’t pay much attention to just this point, it is a remarkable book which should adorn everyone’s book shelf.

About the reviewer :

Vipul Murarka likes to learn something new every time he picks up a book. He has done BSc (Hons) in Plant Biotechnology from University of Nottingham after which he has done MBA in Marketing from School Of Inspired Leadership. Right now he resides in Myanmar doing business in agriculture.


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    Just wow. Ordered for both the books Give n Take n Originals. Great Vipul. Blessings.

    PS… Would love if you review my “General Insurance, Reinsurance n Risk Management Glossary ” the first of its own type n forthcoming book “Gratitude” available on Amazon.

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      Vipul Murarka

      Thank you for your kind words sir and your blessings.

      I would try doing that but I am not sure if my review would be of any relevance because I am quite weak when it comes to insurance, finance etc.


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