Book Review of Love Bi The Way by Bhavana Arora

Review by: Dr Manu Saini
Edited by: Divyajyot Joshi

The Changing times have brought into focus many issues which were once considered taboo. Sexual preferences and the acceptance of relationships that do not bow down to societal pressures are some the most important ones. People now a days are becoming more aware and are consciously accepting their own sexuality better.

“Love bi the way” by Bhavana Arora focuses on the subject of Bisexual relationships. Bhaavna’s new novel is a love story that concerns a bisexual couple and their lives in a society predominantly governed by an almost hateful denial of individual sexual choices. It is a lovely story of two girls, each having her own dark pasts and how they discover themselves while helping each other out through the various phases of life. The novel intricately enlightens us about any different social issues like domestic violence and extramarital relationships. Besides the two main characters, the author introduces various characters from time to time which help in the shaping up of the story line. A shade of mystery regarding the past of the characters keeps the reader tantalizing interested. It’s a blend of humor, love, caring for those whom we love and cherish and fighting for what we believe in and for our loved ones. And above all, the book speaks of the dangers of self debasement and implores us to discover your own true selves, our sexuality, our passions and to live with pride and happiness and fight for our right to love.

The only minor problem I had with the book was regarding the cover page which is slightly misleading. The fact that there is hardly anything erotic in the novel rather it is a book that raises some very important issues, can get a bit sidetracked as the cover page focuses on the erotic side of the story.
However, the story is written in an easy to read manner and its simplistic storytelling makes it a wonderful new age novel and an enjoyable read.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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