Book Review of Great By Choice by Jim Collins

Review by Vipul Murarka

Jim Collins explains the concept very patiently, in simple terms, by giving real-time examples. The research that his team has done is commendable.

What has made some companies thrive in uncertainty and chaos? He answers this question by boiling down to three crucial points which make perfect sense
– Fanatic Discipline
– Empirical Creativity
– Productive Paranoia

While a study like this can be very boring for most (even for me who loves the business management genre of non-fiction) Jim Collins beautifully articulates analytical and empirical data and marries them with interesting stories of the companies. His concept of Return of Luck (RoL) is something that I have been trying to follow for quite sometime now in my life. How do you get the maximum out of your “good luck” and “bad luck”.

Another good part about the book is that it is more for people than for companies. These are the concepts that we can apply in our lives to make our life and our companies successful.

However, the examples that Collins has cited are really old (those of the 1980s era to 2000). I would have preferred to have read the research on the newer companies, specially e-commerce companies and how they have applied these concepts (if they have) to be successful. That is the reason, this book for me is a little shy of a 5-star rating.

Nevertheless, this book should be read by everyone who is running for or going to start a business as the concepts mentioned here make a lot of sense to achieve success.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Vipul Murarka likes to learn something new every time he picks up a book. He has done BSc (Hons) in Plant Biotechnology from University of Nottingham after which he has done MBA in Marketing from School Of Inspired Leadership. Right now he resides in Myanmar doing his business in agriculture.

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