Book review of ” Devotion by Suspect X” by Keigo Higashino

Review by Vipul Murarka

Once in a while you read a mystery book and just keep on smiling trying to figure out “how did that happen”, “how did I miss this clue” and such expressions. Devotion of Suspect X is one such book that is a perfect mystery novel. In plain simple words, you will be dumbfounded in the end. I am thankful to Konali who recommended this book to me.
The reader will know from the beginning who the murderer is but what will keep you turning the pages is the fact that how the murderer along with an accomplice fool the detectives. A near perfect crime has been depicted in the book which includes an unbreakable alibi. It has an ending which one can just not imagine. The twist in the end actually gave me Goosebumps.
After reading the book, I got to know that this is the third in series of Detective Galileo but I never realized that and didn’t feel like I didn’t have the background about the detective. The writing is very subtle, slow paced yet intriguing. While few may argue that author has not paid much attention in character building, I was satisfied with the limited character sketch that the author has done. It was perfect for me to understand what kinds of characters are being talked about.
The chemistry between the physicist and his mathematician friend is pretty exciting. Whenever one is reading their interaction, look out for hidden clues. What was interesting about the conversations between these two was the fact that both of them were geniuses and thus understanding their conversation required you to pay little more attention. There are a few takeaways too from their “nerdy” conversation.
I had never read Keigo Higashino earlier. In fact those who must be reading my reviews will know I don’t read fiction much. But after reading this book, I am surely going to look out for other books by the same author. This is by far the best crime/mystery novel I have read and I will rate this a notch higher than “And then there were none” also.
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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