Book Review of The Calling by Priya Kumar

Review by Dr Swatii Chandak
Edited by Vipul Murarka

The first attempt to read one of the books on the Motivation genre left me spellbound and intrigued. No matter how much we have read or in the process, the thirst to read could quench a lot of desires in parallel while un-complicating a variety of insights, perceptions, and routes. The same I felt with this written saga of 142 pages (approximately).

Talking about the Himalayas and a quest to find life, Arjun is all set ignorantly towards a roller coaster ride extended to him by eternity. Some of the conversations in the book make you ponder upon the little details curbing the thought process, the shackles, enigmatic search and hollow spheres engulfing the soul while thriving apart from the actual peace. The book talks about each and everything one could relate with, regarding serendipity as well as callous.

The usage of phrase *It takes long, Sahib* gave me a reason to think hard as well; the one Arjun lacked all this while. Dealing with the frustration and chains of the world the theory of *Mountain is calling you…* rushes a complete plethora of questions chaining a desire for an immediate answer.

Also, tying the entire thread along with a spiritual journey to Hemkund Sahib leaves speechless. There are some beautiful lines weaved with high-spirited clasp;

“It depends on the purpose of your journey.”

“The world will change. But why did you change by becoming frustrated with the world’s doing what it is supposed to change? Let the world change, but don’t let your state of positivity change.”
The significant three questions where Arjun is stuck with his transporter Chandu and fickle minded donkeys, a journey of defining friendship with Jay, a route through the past where the reminiscences of two daughters kept flashing while leaving a soul bounded with the spell of recklessness and love inconsiderately. A book which should be picked for some hard-core thought-provoking revelations.
The author, Priya Kumar, has beautifully crafted the ideas into a storyline making it a worth read.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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