Book launch: Black Taj by Lady Kent

Written by: Shubham tiwari

Edited by: Swatii chandak

The first Saturday of August (6th of august) saw the launch of the book named ‘black Taj’ by Lady Mohini Kent at Hotel ITC Rajputana.

The event was organized by the Prabha Khaitan Foundation in association with Siyahi’s Mita Kapur (Write Circle) and Shree Cement.

As Members of Jaipur book lovers have attended the event, Here are the details about the book launch  that you would love to know:

Popularly known as ‘Lady Noon’ for her co-authored work ‘the Noon Book of Authentic Indian Cooking,’, Lady Kent shed light on a variety of subjects from  her research work for the Black Taj to the way she found parallels between the philosophies of Buddhism and Sufism; subsequently how that affected her writing style.

Answering the question why she chose India as the heartland for her story she explained how India offers divergent themes and colours at the same time.

Talking about the book, Lady Kent explained that the partition still has a  profound psychological impact on a great number of families and prepares the ground for prejudices to sprout. Exactly according to her focusses the backdrop of her novel.

Also known as ‘Lady Against Trafficking’;  Lady Kent talked about her journey starting as a journalist leading to pen down fiction. While stressing upon the point extending fiction translates a sense of home in a foreign land (when being asked why chose fiction as a tool for this work).

She Lastly added that she loves  being a reader first, later a writer.

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