A Song for Readers

Why do we read?

We read, because,

once upon a time,

yes, once upon a time…

When we were small,

and everyone seemed tall.

Once upon a time,

at that precise time,

a story was told.

A story of adventure,

of dragons and gold.

The time flew by,

but the story remained

As we read it, time and again.


Why do we read?

We read to learn, to grow,

to explore.

To travel the world,

leaving behind, our own shore.

To sing without singing

And dance, without really dancing.

To do the impossible things,

While sitting on a chair,

like innocent-beings.



Why do we read?

We read, because,

not everyone around us,


What it feels to be us?

To laugh and cry,

for no reason.

To fall in love,

and hate, every season.

But those in the books,

they do.

Yes, they do, and that’s why,

Yes, that’s why… we read, we succeed.



Why do we read?

We read, because,

If we don’t,

A clown (wearing a crown),

insensitive and insane,

would fool us,

once again.

He changes the history,

and creates a mystery.

While he lies

and lies every day,

Our books, speak the truth

day after day.

We read, because,

we have to, and,

if we don’t,

wise will become fool,

and only fools will rule.


and but is important, indeed.

That won’t happen,

until we read.

I promise, that won’t happen,

until we read.

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