5 reasons to attend #JBL50


Perhaps it’s a bit far-fetched to call it a sanctuary, for it is neither secluded nor a secret. But this is how you will end up feeling about it. Whether you want to take a much needed break from the usual humdrum of everyday life, or spice up your personal time by beginning your own adventure between the pages of a good book or just listen to the stories and experiences of other bibliophiles; this is the place for you. You won’t even realize when you cross-over from a world of indifference to the realms of pleasure, peace and possibilities.


Rules change when you enter here. Your value will no longer be determined by how much money you make, or which car you own, or what you wear or where you live; but by what books you own, or what you have read or even what you are going to read. This is perfect place to show-off and flaunt your knowledge, experience and views. This is the place to be when you have the most valuable currency of all: read-a-ventory.


We all have our comfort zones, but what matters is that we get out of it, often. Whether you are already a reader or looking to become a reader; this is the place for you to start, or find something new; to get out of your cocoon. Here you’ll get a chance to share and form your own worldviews and opinions and learn from those who might be more experienced or just think differently from you. This is a place for you to grow, connect and evolve.


We’re diverse, we’re knowledgeable, we’re loving and we’re welcoming. We laugh, we share and we encourage each other. We have only one religion: an intense love for books. We look out for each other, we enhance our taste and we certainly don’t hesitate to scour the earth in search for best of books. We are, after all, a community.


If you want motivation, recommendations or just a gentle nudge to read, look no further. All you need to do is show up. Here, you’ll find people of all ages and truly inspiring nature. You will learn why they read, what they read, and what keeps them going. You’ll subtly transform into a reader. And if you are already one, then perhaps you can help inspire.

Written by : Puneet Agarwal

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