Meetup#47- Books on Fantasy

Written by: Puneet agrawal Let’s be honest. Even though we live in a crazy world, most part of […]

Tiny Tale by Radhika

“His Titanic doubts, meet the love iceberg in her heart.”

Book Review of Super Consumers by Eddie Yoon

Review by Vipul Murarka If one has attended Business School, he/she will be aware of Pareto Principle which […]

Tiny Tale by Chandani

broken mirrors and known strangers hurt a lot

Tiny Tale by Arun

Be a child and enjoy everything without load of memories

Tiny Tale by Vishal

In between that time and this time exist a life

Tiny Tale by Manu

Mind your own business & Mind’s your own business

Tiny Tale by Pragya

You watered me, we grew. I dried and you threw

Tiny Tale by Aniruddha

After all this time She happened to me