Tiny Tale by Shipra

“एक दफ़ा कुछ यू हुआ, लौट आई मैं लिए दुआ”

Tiny Tale by Pallavi

She was just like a DOLL So he PLAYED!!

Tiny Tale by Shubham

Wo aaj bhi nahi aayi usne fir akele coffee pi

Tiny Tale by Vipul

40 years of being together still they argue daily

Tiny Tale by Anima

“Hello!” He said with hope, “Goodbye!!” His world crashed

Tiny Tale by Prashant

” वो चलता गया अपनी धुन में,रिश्ते छूट गए पीछे.”

Tiny Tale by Shivani

I never discern when you transmute; from monkey to monkey.

Tiny Tale by Amita

Her dead body caught me back tightly

Tiny Tale by Ajay

King’s ancestral Excalibur exterminated dragon attacking children rejoicing Deepawali festivities

Tiny Tale by Reena

Consumed and intoxicated love. His was purity, hers was lust