Tiny Tale by Harsha

Be a child and enjoy everything without lode of memories

Tiny Tale by AK

बेटी – माँ,कहाँ सुरक्षित हूँ मैं… ‘ संसार या तुम्हारी कोख ‘

Tiny Tale by Mrigakshi

When the soulmate left her She met her own Soul

Tiny Tale by Sanskrity

“Sorry, you’re late, I’ve kept in a ring.”

Tiny Tale by Pracarsh

They pray “Help those, whose mirrors mistake god for palindromes.”

Tiny Tale by Shivani

“My grandma’s tiny tale? She reads in my grandpa’s eyes.”

Tiny Tale by Pragya

They suggested, “Be like”. “I’ll be the pioneer”, She declared.

Tiny Tale by Bharti

“But Mom, it’s rape.”  “Shhh! He is your father.“ 

Tiny Tale by Akshat

“And it’s a six!” Then the commentator broke down.

Tiny Tale by Yashasvini

The potato died a happy death. The chips were delicious