Enlightment – An ethereal experience

In these densely populated surroundings, conjusted and materialistic world, my soul was sinking in the tempestuous sea of […]


पर मैं शराब पीना चाहती हूँ और मैं पीकर रहूंगी – दीपल ने कहा| आख़िर क्यों, क्या है […]


एक पत्रकार होते हुए, उसने बहूत लोगों के जीवन कि कहानियाँ लिखी थी, जब खुद के जीवन के […]


और जैसे ही उनके होंठ एक दुसरे की गहराई में खोए ,मानो एक बाँध सा खुल गया । […]

The fallacy of perception

For the world is made up of melting dreams and hopes. So hold my hand as we might […]


Meena ran. Her heart pounded, lips set in a grim straight line, while a dupatta covered her head […]

A Song of Gratitude

Didn’t your parents ever tell you, not to talk to strangers?’ He had said, when I interrupted his […]

Whose fault is it anyway?

Wife Whatever happened to all the apologies you had asked for last time when you had committed the […]

love at first site

Do you believe in friendships and true love? Or coincidences and destiny? Or do you think fate is […]

Well Known Strangers

“Mom here is your duplicate I was talking about.” At school gate crazy little Ayaan introduced his new […]