The Day I Met Anuja Chauhan

Written by: Anima Jain Edited by: Vipul Murarka During an author interaction organized by Kalam on 18 October […]

Wuthering Heights

Article By Yashasvini Rathore Edited By Divyajyot Joshi This Sunday (23 November 2016) the members of  Jaipur Book […]

Book Review of Ace Against Odds by Sania Mirza

Review by: Yashasvini Rathore Edited by: Divyajyot Joshi Ace Against Odds is the journey of Sania Mirza from being […]

Spirituality and Sufism

Written By: Anima Jain Edited By: Divyajyot Joshi “Fret not where the road will take you. Instead concentrate […]

Maa By Prachi Agarwal

प्यार बहुत वो करती है फ़र्ज़ अदा सभी करती है जीवन से घबराती हूँ  हर बार मुझे समझाती […]

A Caravansary of Wanderers Who Aren’t Lost

Written by: Radhika Mendiratta Edited by: Vipul Murarka On the Sunday morning of August 28th, I was jolted […]


Aloof from the world, that surrounds me I dream of land,that hounds me A place out of reach […]

कुछ खोज रही हूँ। By नमिता एस कल्ला

आदमी में आदमियत कहीं खोज रही हूँ जाने क्यूँ में एक पाक नीयत खोज रही हूँ गुमशुदा हुई […]

एक तिलिस्म — गुलज़ार साहब by Jaishree Rathore

मौका मिले तो एक शख्स को किसी तिलिस्मात से अपने वश में कर के, उनकी सुध-बुध भुला कर […]

Leaving weakness….

Leaving Weakness By Avani Jain Tears roll down my cheek Each fresh one makes me weak Pain tears […]